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Register for Springboard Innovation Local Agenda NW- Begins Aug 18th

Announcing the newest cohort of our program for learning a new approach to making a lasting difference toward social and environmental change—social entrepreneurship—a way of building a new breed of change organization.

Read about past Local Agenda participants in the Oregonian: http://www.oregonlive.com/environment/index.ssf/2008/10/social_entrepreneurs_make_drea.html

For people who see problems as opportunities and are interested in rolling up their sleeves to address them in ways that apply practical, innovative, and sustainable approaches that benefit society. In a world with serious challenges to overcome, each of us has an important new role to play.

Local Agenda NW: From idea to action Springboard Innovation, along with our partners PCC and Life by Design NW, is pleased to offer Local Agenda NW to the Portland community.

WHAT: Local Agenda is a program for adults of any age (graduates to grandparents). It is designed for people who are seriously interested in being involved in making a difference, and are ready to take the needed time to develop a plan ready for launch. Results may take the form of a program, a project, an international initiative, a social business – or some combination of all of the above. Our focus is on helping citizens identify a "gap" in the community (or world) that needs filling; designing innovations to make the solution effective, then identifying ways to sustain the good work, making it last. We are unique in our emphasis on promoting a new way of 'doing good while doing well' from a grassroots perspective rather than an academic one. Often called social entrepreneurship, it can be a career change, a life change, and even, a world change. We hope you'll join us! For more information: http://www.springboardinnovation.org/localagendanw.php

Our program includes 12 weeks of workshops, three hours each, once a week. You work with a cohort of learners who provide support, guidance, and friendship. We encourage people from all walks of life and experience to attend.

WHEN: A new cohort of Local Agenda NW begins on TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2009. The first night, August 18th, (or in Spring 2010 February 16th) from 6-9pm we hold an overview of the program, the results, and goals. We answer your questions and you get to hear from those who have gone through the program. We will describe what you can expect, and you get a chance to meet us. We charge $10 for this first session, but it gives you a chance to decide if this is for you, if the timing is right, and whether you are serious about leading change. (We also provide treats.)

WHERE: PCC METRO. Portland Metropolitan Workforce Training Center. Location/directions/map http://www.pcc.edu/about/locations/metro/

COST: The program fee is $450, and we have a payment schedule that is very flexible. We have calculated the real cost (and value) of the program to be more than $1,500 per person when compared to college courses or consulting—we strive to be better than either, a mixture of both with a lot of innovation mixed in.

We offer five seats for half price, and three for free, in exchange for volunteer time. The program includes 40 hours of workshops and 8 hours of one-on-one consulting. We work with the community to build support for your project. We use an effective resource and knowledge base. And, we employ a highly qualified team of facilitators and practitioners, drawing on research and case studies from around the world and right here in Portland.

HOW TO SAVE A SEAT: Contact Amy Pearl by July 22nd at [email protected] or at 503.452.6898

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