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History Pub July 27th

History Pub “On Paper Wings: Story of the Japanese Balloon Bombs” July 27

Next Monday’s History Pub features the award-winning documentary “On Paper Wings.” Filmmaker Ilana Sol traces the fascinating but little-known history of the Japanese balloon bombs manufactured during WWII. Thousands of hydrogen-filled balloons were attached to bombs and launched from Japan into the jet stream toward the U.S. One landed in Southern Oregon and ultimately killed six civilians. “On Paper Wings” tells the story of four Japanese women who worked on the balloon bombs, the families of those killed in Oregon, and the man whose actions brought them all together forty years after the war. This 67-minute film will be screened in its entirety with commentary by producer and director Ilana Sol.

History Pub is a collaborative program of Holy Names Heritage Center, Oregon Historical Society, and McMenamins. Programs take place on the last Monday of the month at 7pm at the Kennedy School, located at 5736 NE 33rd Avenue.

Karen B. Kinzey

Program Manager

Holy Names Heritage Center

17425 Holy Names Drive

Lake Oswego, OR 97304-5193


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