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Job Posting - Friendly Chaps Associate Teacher


Friendly Chaps Associate Teacher

Closing Date:  July 31, 2009


Founded in 1930, Friendly House, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit neighborhood center located in Northwest Portland.  Friendly Chaps is one of several programs of Friendly House.  It is a before- and after-school program for about 100 kindergarten through fifth grade children who attend Chapman Elementary School.  Friendly Chaps families pay for the program on a sliding-fee scale, which insures affordability regardless of income. A job in the Friendly Chaps program is an excellent step forward in a career in Elementary Education, Recreation, Social Work or Psychology. For more information on Friendly House, visit www.friendlyhouseinc.org.



Desirable candidates for the Associate Teacher position bring enthusiasm for helping children to learn and develop to their fullest potential within a neighborhood center setting.  They are responsible for helping Teachers in the management of groups of children Monday-Friday, 1:45-6:00pm, and varying hours on most school closure days.  Associate Teachers are also responsible for attending occasional evening staff meetings. Associate Teachers are involved in planning and monitoring activities, snack prep and cleanup.  Activities include group games, arts and crafts, music, science, homework club, etc.


Essential Functions

•           Provide a safe, healthy environment for children in care.

•           Work with teachers to plan and implement developmentally appropriate activities.

•           Take initiative to independently plan and lead activities with children.

•           Must follow Childcare Division (CCD) rules for school-age programs

•           Model appropriate, cooperative behavior for children.

•           Work cooperatively with other Friendly House staff, esp. in Friendly Chaps, Preschool, the Community Center, and Safety Net Services.

•           Communicate regularly and positively with children, parents and co-workers.

•           Communicate with program director regarding concerns about a child’s developmental progress or behavior problems.

•           Lift or restrain children as needed.

•           Lift and move chairs and tables as needed for set-up of room.

•           Prepare and clean-up snack as needed.

•           Pick up children from after-school clubs at Chapman School.

•           Lead a once-a-week club for 8-week sessions throughout the school year. Plan club curriculum that works toward a final presentation or performance. Examples of clubs are Music, Painting, Photography, Science, and Gardening.

•           Provide program director with list of material needs as needed.

•           Meet CCD (15 hours per year) and Friendly House training requirements.

•           Attend monthly Friendly Chaps all-staff meetings, occasional planning meetings, monthly Friendly House all-staff meetings, and other required Friendly House functions.

•           Follow Friendly Chaps Risk Management Plan.

•           Keep track of essential paperwork.

•           Contribute toward Friendly House’s goal of building community in NW Portland.

•           Assure that classroom and storage areas are kept clean and organized.

•           Complete other duties as assigned.


Knowledge and Skills Required for the Position

The Chaps Associate Teacher must exhibit reliability, good judgment, and cultural competency.  The Associate Teacher must have a love of learning that s/he is willing to share with Chaps children through exploration of arts, science, music, environment and other opportunities. In addition, the Associate Teacher must be patient and flexible as s/he may be called upon to perform a variety of duties simultaneously depending on the needs of the overall group and individual children.  For example, the Associate Teacher may be distributing snack when s/he may be required to mediate a dispute between children, clean up a spill and attend to a child with special needs who is having difficulty.


•           Ability to supervise children in an appropriate, positive manner.

•           Interested in working with a diverse group of school-age children. 

•           Experience or course work in the field of education, social work, or recreation preferred.

•           College degree preferred.

•           Ability to establish effective relationships with children, parents & co-workers.

•           Effective communicator, question-asker, initiative-taker and teammate.

•           Must possess excellent organization and customer service skills.

•           Must be able to lift, carry and restrain children who weigh up to 50 pounds.

•           Must be 15 years of age or older.

•           Must pass Child Care Division Criminal History Check.

•           Must have current Food Handler’s card within 60 days of employment.

•           Must have current First Aid and CPR certifications within 60 days of employment.

•           Must take a Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect class within 60 days of employment.


Interpersonal Contacts

The Associate Teacher necessarily interacts with children and staff within the Friendly Chaps program and Chapman School as well as other staff at Friendly House, parents and volunteers. 


Job Conditions

This job is performed at Friendly House Community Center, Chapman School, and the outdoor areas surrounding Chapman and Friendly House, as well as the walking route between the two.  The assistant must have the physical ability to participate in the activities of the program. The program moves to outside locations for field trips on foot and by bus.  Lifting or restraining children is required from time to time.


Starting salary is $9.58 per hour.  This is a 20-hour per week position with paid vacation and sick leave.  Staff training budget and paid training time.  A membership in the Friendly House Community Center is given to all Friendly House staff members.








It is the policy of Friendly House, Inc. to treat all people with dignity and respect.  The agency prohibits discrimination based upon race, sex, religion, creed, color, gender identity, age, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, citizenship status, military service, veteran status, housing status, familial status, source of income, political affiliation, union affiliation, physical disability, mental disability or other protected status in accordance with applicable law.  In addition, we shall not discriminate against minority-owned, women-owned or emerging small business.