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Conversation Project Programs Available to Oregon Nonprofits

Conversation Project Programs Available to Oregon Nonprofits

Organizations around the state may apply for the 2009–10 season beginning August 1, 2009.

The catalog for the inaugural 2009–10 season of the Conversation Project: A New Chautauqua is now available online, and Oregon nonprofits may sign up for programs starting August 1, 2009, for programs beginning November 1, 2009. The Conversation Project, which connects Oregonians with public scholars and provocative ideas through idea-driven dialogue, is a program of the Oregon Council for the Humanities.

The catalog, instructions for host organizations, and downloadable application form are available at www.oregonhum.org.

The 2009–10 Conversation Project lineup features seventeen programs presented by sixteen scholars from around the state. This season’s programs span diverse topics, including friendship, the future of rural communities, media literacy, and reimagining the American prison system. Scholars hail from Ashland, Corvallis, McMinnville, Portland, and Salem.

Much like the current Oregon Chautauqua program, which runs through August 2009, the overarching goal of the Conversation Project will be to offer statewide opportunities for civic dialogue and humanities learning, but with a greater emphasis on contemporary issues through interactive, facilitated conversations rather than traditional scholar presentations.

The Oregon Council for the Humanities (813 SW Alder St, #702, Portland, OR 97205) is an independent, nonprofit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities that is dedicated to the belief that knowledge and ideas are fundamental to the health of our communities. More information about OCH’s programs and publications, which include Oregon Chautauqua, Conversation Project, Humanity in Perspective, Teacher Institutes, Summer Honors Symposium, Public Program Grants, Opportunity Grants, and Oregon Humanities magazine, can be found at www.oregonhum.org.

Contact: Jennifer Allen, Director of Programs, Oregon Council for the Humanities, (503) 241-0543 / (800) 735-0543, ext. 118, or [email protected]