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Last Call for From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out has decided not to hold their final August 2009 meeting due to lack of response.  If you are interested in the group continuing – put your calls in soon!  Otherwise the group may go on a long break or even discontinue. 

Deborah is the current contact:  503-254-4942.  There might be a chance of a group starting in Clackamas ~ although this is not certain.   

What is Interactive Theater Again?  A short play requiring problem solving (written mostly by people dealing with mental health issues) is performed first without interruption or solving any issues presented.  When repeated, volunteers from the audience stop scenes, replace a character and act out potential solutions.  Discussion follows each intervention.   

Who is From the Inside Out?  From the Inside Out explores issues of mental health and related topics through interactive theater, participatory workshops and the arts.  Over the past years we have had a lot of fun and we think our group has done some good.  We have had 25 total performances for about 1,000 audience members using 8 separate plays.   

Etta says:  “This acting is part of my therapy.”   Deborah says:  “I started to be background support and did an acting part and liked it.”