Evaluation and Visitor Studies Intern - Visitor Study Volunteer Coordinator

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organization:Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
position summary:

POSITION SUMMARY: The Evaluation and Visitor Studies department is looking for a motivated individual to serve as the Visitor Study Volunteer Coordinator for the WAVES (Water Avenue Visitor Experience Study) project this fall. The project involves surveying visitors to learn more about their impressions of their OMSI visit(s). Information gathered from the surveys helps inform OMSI staff on how to enhance vistors’ experiences and develop business practices that benefit the community.

The Visitor Study Volunteer Coordinator’s main responsibility is to recruit, interview, train, and supervise WAVES Volunteer Interviewers. The Volunteer Coordinator works closely with the Evaluation and Visitor Studies Manager and the Data Analyst Volunteer to develop research hypotheses and research methods, analyze data, and report data. Along with self motivation, the position requires professionalism, attention to detail and concern for research quality.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Recruit, interview, train, and supervise volunteers for the WAVES project. • Maintain WAVES volunteer schedule. • Develop and organize project plans for future WAVES seasons. • Work with the Data Analyst to write a research report. • Present research report to OMSI management.

COMMITMENT: 3 months minimum, 10-15 hours/week

For information on how to apply for this position, contact Carol Cruzan at [email protected]

Salary / Pay Rate:Unpaid
Required Skills and Abilities:• Interest in research and volunteer resource management. • Strong interpersonal communication skills and team orientation. • Familiarity with Excel and Word.
Qualifications:• Experience in research (e.g., data collection and searching literature). • Experience working with people in a public venue. • Ideally, applicants should be professionals in the field or be working toward a graduate degree. Students enrolled in upper-level undergraduate coursework are also encouraged to apply.
Education Required:High School or equiv.
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
website link:www.omsi.edu