Evaluation and Visitor Studies Intern - Audio Labels Project

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organization:Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
position summary:

SUMMARY OF POSITION: The Evaluation and Visitor Studies Intern for the Audio Labels Project will work with the Project Evaluators to research the topic of “Who uses exhibit audio description labels, and how do they use them?” The intern will conduct naturalistic observations and post-use interviews with OMSI visitors who use the audio labels in a nanotechnology exhibit. Data will be entered, coded, and analyzed, resulting in a final summary report. The ideal candidate will have a keen interest in better understanding how people learn in informal free-choice environments as well as an understanding of research methods and data analysis. The candidate must learn quickly and perform well on multiple, simultaneous, diverse tasks.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Collect data in the field. Data collection will involve conducting interviews, observations, or tracking in the museum. • Reduce and analyze evaluation data. This includes entering the data into the appropriate software program and applying basic mathematical functions. • Write a summary report based on data analysis.

COMMITMENT: 6-8 weeks (project to be completed by September 30, 2009) 20 hours/week, depending on the phase of the project

For information on how to apply for this position, contact Carol Cruzan at [email protected]

Salary / Pay Rate:Unpaid
Required Skills and Abilities:• Excellent communication, organizational, and writing skills. • Ability to meet deadlines. • Good analytical skills. • Ability to interview museum audiences. • Ability to work effectively on a team as well as work independently. • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word is desirable.
Qualifications:• Experience in research (e.g., data collection methods). • Experience working with people in a public venue. • Ideally, applicants should be professionals in the field or be working toward a graduate degree. Students enrolled in upper-level undergraduate coursework are also encouraged to apply.
Education Required:High School or equiv.
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
website link:www.omsi.edu