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The Truth About Recyclable Plastics

Ecolutions: The Truth About Recyclable Plastics August 10

Ecolutions is a happy hour event for young professionals with a passion for the environment and sustainability. Sponsored by Holy Names Heritage Center, the monthly gatherings take place at The Agency, located at 1939 SW Morrison St. adjacent to PGE Park.  Join us at 6pm on August 10 for our next program “Recyclable Plastics – What Does It Really Mean?”  In some instances, plastics placed in recycling bins are collected but not reprocessed or converted into useful products. Dennis Denton and Nicole Janssen of Denton Plastics will lead a discussion on cutting edge options for recycling plastics.  Learn how you can reduce your plastic impact and make informed consumer choices. Ecolutions is a free program that facilitates the discussion of pressing ecological challenges and provides a venue for developing creative solutions. To learn more, visit www.holynamesheritagecenter.org.

Karen B. Kinzey

Program Manager

Holy Names Heritage Center

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