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FREE Workshops to Save Salmon!

Ever wonder what happened to salmon? 

Become a Stream Steward!

The Stream Stewards Program is a free learn-n-serve program of Clark Public Utilities' StreamTeam. Commit to 45 hours of hands-on, professional level workshops on the following:

· Hydrology ·Geology ·Birds ·Mammals ·Water Quality ·Native Plants ·Macro Invertebrates ·NatureScaping ·Riparian Habitats ·Salmon ·Reptiles ·Amphibians ·Native Plant Restoration

The Stream Stewards Program is free of charge for Clark County residents. Stewards pay back their tuition through 45 hours of volunteer time with the StreamTeam or one of our partners. Stream Stewards also enjoy continuing education opportunities and social events with other like minded individuals!

Stream Stewards come from all age groups and backgrounds. Stewards are interested in building their skill set and putting their new knowledge into action!

What are Stream Stewards saying?

"Excellent! Everyone should take this course!"--Stream Steward 2005

"It's been a very long time since I've had such an enjoyable time learning."--Larry, Stream Steward 2008

"I was very happy to be part of this experience."--Stream Steward 2005

"I was thoroughly impressed and felt that many of the presentations, although only touching the basics, were better prepared than some of my university classes."--Jeff, Stream Steward 2008

For more information, please contact Lisa Beranek at (360) 992-8585 or visit www.StreamTeam.net

Lisa Beranek * StreamTeam Coordinator * Clark Public Utilities

PO Box 8900        Vancouver  Wa  98668               (360) 992-8585