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JDN Connections Diversity Job Fair Oct 6th

Subject:  JDN Connections Diversity Job Fair Oct 6th ... we need your participation ...

Just $99 per table.  Business Connects Expo is sponsoring the JDN Connections Diversity Job & Career Fair October 6, 2009 at the Portland Oregon Convention Center including online JDN Virtual Job Fair at no additional charge. Limited space available.  For more information and to register please call 503.290.6466 Laura Bock, JDN Program Manager or visit www.JobDevelopersNetwork.org  


Laura Bock

JDN Program Manager Job Developers Network (JDN) [email protected]

503.290.6466 Website:  www.JobDevelopersNetwork.org Blog:  http://JobDevelopersNetwork.wordpress.com Business Connects Expo:  http://BusinessConnectsExpo.com

What counts in life is what we do for others. A generous heart, kind speech, compassion and a life of service renew my spirit.  JDN – Developing Opportunities & Building Connections!

Putting People to work! Developing Opportunities & Building Connections for Job Seekers and Employers … Put your JDN to work for you!

Check out all JDN Marketing Packages - Best ROI:  http://www.jobdevelopersnetwork.org/content/jdn  


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