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Mandala Creation Workshop this week!

This ongoing monthly workshop meets the second Thursday of every month and focuses on bringing together the power of meditation and sacred art. In a peaceful, egoless, spiritually creative atmosphere we will release the inner artist within everyone. We will delve into creating beautiful, luminous mandalas on paper. Participants come away with basic sacred art tools to help;

- Heal the mind, body, and spirit; - Increase your individual sense of balance and wholeness; - Enhanced use of both sides of your brain; - Respond to life situations rather than react; - Continue and deepen personal growth.

The next workshop will be Thursday, August 13th @ 6pm. It will be held at Enterbeing on Alberta Street in NE Portland. $25 donation suggested, no one will be turned away, however space is limited. For more information please visit www.digimandala.com or call 503-241-0170

The workshop is being offered by Enterbeing Spiritual Community Center and will be facilitated by Vincent Ferguson. Vincent is a Mandala Intern currently completing certification under Judith Cornell, Ph.D, author of Mandala Healing and Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing. For more information about Vince and the workshop please visit – www.digimandala.com/.

Mandalas are sacred circular designs, created using a meditative process that focuses and reflects spiritual energies. The creation of the mandala is a traditional and inspirational art form of circular drawings found practiced in every human civilization throughout history. It is a potent symbol for wholeness, harmony, and balance. The act of creating a mandala reflects an individual’s own personal creative process for centering, healing, and growth activity. It is a tool for deep self-exploration and meditation. Through this mandala workshop, participants will learn how to focus their own creative energy, using meditation, as a centering tool and experience the creative and healing process of the circle. Participants with a beginners mind, an open heart, and a willingness to explore how to bring forth images for expressions of healing, peace, beauty, and harmony are welcome. We will explore the creation of mandalas as a process for expressing our divine light experiences. The emphasis will be on process, not product, so no art talent or experience will be necessary.