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Facilitation & Process, LLC

A facilitation and performance improvement consultant for those times when there is more at stake than running a good meeting

Region(s) Covered: Oregon & SW Washington

Contact Information

website link:http://www.facilitationprocess.com/
address:PO Box 18144
Portland, OR  97312
principal contact:Mark Fulop
email:[email protected]
phone:(503) 928-4082


Empowering clients to close the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be


Facilitation & Process, LLC, has is about empowering clients so they can improve performance and achieve business outcomes. In these challenging economic times, my value proposition is to use facilitation, coaching, process design, and training as means to help you achieve your ends. Facilitation & Process, LLC can help you by

  • Creating clarity around your vision of the desired outcomes and, more important, hold that vision as the compass point for the entire consulting process.
  • Bringing objectivity and neutrality to those difficult business meetings, conversations and transitions required in this current economic crisis.
  • Planning and acting at the systems level, seeing that the whole is more than the sum of the parts by synthesizing, ordering, and making sense of raw data, ideas and thoughts.
  • Matching the context of the proposed facilitation activities to the desired outcomes and vision, recognizing the complexity of information processing and human interaction.
  • Measuring process and outcomes to demonstrate value and establishing a return on the dollars you invest in the process.
  • Institutionalizing change in your business practices and organizational culture.

    Above all else Facilitation & Process, LLC seeks to help you, the client, close the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. My philosophy for consulting keeps you as the client at the core of our consulting relationship.

Other Information

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