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Eco-consultant at ekoroots

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position summary:

ekoroots is accepting resumes for an Eco Consultant to assist our clients to help them become more socially and environmentally responsible in how they conduct business operations. This position will also assist clients to move forward with developing and implementing a plan to go green and the expertise to do it well.

Salary / Pay Rate:Depending on experience
Required Skills and Abilities:• Conduct assessments for carbon, energy, water, waste, hazardous materials, environment impacts, etc. • Develop overall strategic sustainability plans • Provide plans on how to reduce vital resources including energy, water and waste • Provide plans on environmental management and compliance • Provide plans on how to reduce waste in operations and manufacturing • Provide advice on green building design, construction and facility improvements • Provide options on packaging to minimize waste and reduce weight • Provide plans on communication and marketing strategy with PR and media campaigns and sustainability reporting • Provide guidance on sustainable purchasing practices • Provide training and education on environment and sustainability topics • Provide implementation and project management support with sustainability initiatives • Provide plans to improve community involvement and volunteer programs • Assist with developing key relationships with donors, and/or stake holders. • Assist in corporate culture change to make companies self-sustaining. • Other duties as directed or needed
Qualifications:This position requires excellent communication skills, attention to detail, organizational skills and a desire to assist in making the change to sustainability. Applicants should have an experience in working in the field of sustainability, LEED certification is a plus.
Education Required:High School or equiv.
website link:www.ekoroots.com