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Spirit of Now, October 9-11

From the People who create the Heart of Now:


Starts Friday Oct 9 7:00pm Ends Sunday Oct 11 6:30pm

At the Spirit of Now we bring the powerful practice of presence and loving support of Heart of Now, and use them to explore our feelings about spirituality. Do you ever feel angry at God? Scared the "higher power" will let you down? How do you integrate your faith and your fears? What do you experience in your body when you entertain the idea that we chose everything in our life? come explore what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience, in your body, moment to moment The Spirit of Now does not embrace a specific dogma, but gives you the opportunity to explore your unique relationship with the universe.

*Location: Village Free School, 87th and SE Foster, Portland *2 meals provided plus lots of floor space to stay overnight *Begins Friday at 7pm, and ends Sunday at 6:30 *Cost $175 til Sept 21, $250 afterwards + donation at end of course *contact us at (541)359-3594 *www.heartofnow.org