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Mark your calendars: Portland's Dark Knights: Bats!

Please mark your calendars and tell your friends:

Portland's Dark Knights: Bats!

See the Halloween Special Presentation on October 29th, 7-8:30pm at Norwest Service Academy, 55 SE Main Street!

Much like birds, populations of bat species across the country are in decline. Bats are an important part of a well-functioning ecosystem. Information on bats living in most metropolitan areas remains sparse. Learn why these little guys are fantastic, why you should love them, and how you can help them!

Check out the City of Portland’s new AnaBat ultrasonic bat call detector, hear bat calls and see how species are identified using spectrographs. No painful shots necessary!

A PowerPoint presentation by Julian Lawrence. [email protected]

Julian Lawrence

Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Field Team Leader



Northwest Service Academy | Lower Columbia Center | AmeriCorps

55 SE Main St | Portland OR  97214 | www.nwserviceacademy.org