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Celebrate Making a Difference with the StreamTeam--Oct 24!


Make a difference with the StreamTeam:  600 volunteers can’t be wrong!  Join the team!


On Saturday, October 24th from 8:45am until 1pm the StreamTeam will celebrate Make a Difference Day with you and millions of Americans across the country!  On this national day of service we will honor the StreamTeam Volunteer of the Year and spread the volunteer spirit while planting native trees to save salmon.  No experience necessary.  We will provide all of the training, tools, and supplies for a great day.  The event is rain or shine. 


There are volunteer opportunities for every age and ability including:

Tree planters:  Volunteers will be trained in the morning to plant native trees to save salmon!  Team members can be a part of the process from gathering supplies to planting trees.


Planting Crew Leaders:  Take your StreamTeam experience to the next level!  Share your knowledge and passion with other team members.  Leader orientation for upcoming events is on Saturday, October 17th from 9am until 12pm. 


For more information, contact Lisa Beranek at [email protected]!



Did You Know?  You live in a watershed!  A watershed is an area of land where all of the water drains above or below ground to one point (i.e. a stream or river).  Watersheds cross political boundaries and since they are delineated by landforms like hills and mountains, they come in all different sizes and shapes.  The Columbia River Watershed is about 260,000 square miles (about the size of France) in size whereas the Salmon Creek Watershed (a subwatershed of the Columbia) is about 90 square miles.  The health of our streams and rivers depend greatly on what goes on in our watersheds.  Which watershed(s) do you live in?  And remember, we all live downstream!





Lisa Beranek * StreamTeam Coordinator * Clark Public Utilities

PO Box 8900        Vancouver  Wa  98668               (360) 992-8585

"Bringing salmon back to Salmon Creek"