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Job Opening - Facilities Coordinator

Facilities Coordinator

Friendly House, Inc.

Job Announcement

Closing Date: 10/20/2009

Scope of Position:


Friendly House is a non-profit neighborhood center in Northwest Portland. This position is responsible for Friendly House buildings, grounds and vehicles, including monitoring budget expenditures within the position’s purview. The Facilities Coordinator, along with the Operations Manager, determines facilities needs, helps to prioritize them, establishes cost to provide and is principally responsible to provide appropriate strategic advice, procurement of contract services, and monitoring of schedules and work ou8tcomes. The Facilities Coordinator is responsible to create a safe, pleasant, functional and efficient working environment. S/he is responsible for regular inspections of FH property and must have good working knowledge of building components, structure and systems. The Facilities Coordinator, along the Operations Manager, will staff and work closely with the Friendly House Board Facilities Committee, which helps set policy, budget and timing of facilities maintenance and capital projects which will assure safe, well-maintained, space-efficient facilities that are appropriate to meet the needs of programs, clients and staff.

 Essential Job Functions:

 •           Formulate and implement preventive maintenance plans on utility systems, equipment, building structures and vehicles according to health, safety, preservation and regulatory requirements.

•           Perform routine maintenance such as repairing roofing, masonry, plumbing, electrical, and other building systems, vehicles and landscaping.

•           Manage maintenance projects performed by outside vendors (get bids, contract for and coordinate work).

•           Assure maintenance work is performed correctly and according to anticipated timeline, budgets and permitting requirements.

•           Order and track maintenance and janitorial supplies, staying within agency budget.

•           Respond to emergencies that may take place within or outside of regularly scheduled work hours.

•           Take the lead in all facilities emergencies.

•           Assist the Development Department with generating estimates for grant proposals for maintenance and capital projects and reporting on completed grant funded projects.

•           Determine volunteer needs; request and oversee facilities and grounds volunteers.

•           Maintain accurate records, including a facilities task list, and communicate progress/delays on facilities projects with stakeholders.

•           Coordinate projects with stakeholders (customer service reps, program managers) before commencing to assure no or minimal interruption of services/activities.

•           Assure areas where projects are underway are clean and tidy during and after work are completed on a daily basis or communicate with stakeholders if an area cannot be tidied.  Constantly assure that project areas are safe for staff and clients.

•           Chair the FH staff Safety Committee, assuring that its annual goals is met, according to OSHA regulations and agency need.

•           Conduct in-service training and implement safety regulations and programs.

•           Train staff and those who rent facilities on proper facilities usage and security procedures.

•           Drive agency vehicle(s).

•           Lift and carry heavy items using proper techniques.

•           Staff and actively participate on the board Facilities Committee.

•           Attend Friendly House events and meetings as requested

•           All Staff Must pass State of Oregon Child Care Division Criminal History Check.

 Secondary Functions:

          Research, solicit and obtain facilities donations such as parts, furniture, office supplies and disseminate them to programs.

          Investigate making Friendly House an emergency shelter in case of natural disaster.

Knowledge and Skills Required for the Position:

The Facilities Director must exhibit reliability, good judgment, and attention to detail.  The duties in this position are varied and include long-term and short-term facilities planning, hands-on knowledge of building systems and the ability to perform facilities maintenance functions.  It is also necessary that the Facilities Coordinator be able to respond to emergencies, whether during scheduled work time or not. The Facilities Coordinator must communicate effectively with staff about facilities needs and projects.

 •           Knowledge of facilities and maintenance systems.

•           Demonstrated ability to make repairs.

•           Demonstrated ability to work effectively with people (staff, volunteers, vendors, clients) in a neighborhood center setting.

•           Ability to negotiate contracts with vendors.

•           Valid Oregon driver’s license and good driving record (must be approved by our insurance company)

•           Able to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds.

•           Able to be physically active (lifting, bending, hauling).

•           Considerable knowledge and experience of building systems.

•           Ability to set priorities and make appropriate decisions on repairs or assignments based on expected outcomes.

•           Ability to analyze facts and exercise sound judgment in arriving at conclusions.

•           Ability to develop long-term plans and programs and to evaluate work accomplishments.

•           Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedures manuals.

•           Excellent communication skills – written, verbal.

•           Good knowledge of PC operations and software (Word processing and spreadsheet) are required.

Responsible to:

Operations Manager

25-30 hours per week, non-exempt position

$14.00 per hour.  Health benefits, paid vacation and sick leave.  A membership in the Friendly House Community Center is given to all Friendly House staff members.


SEND TO: Facilities Coordinator Opening, 2617 NW SAVIER, PORTLAND, OR 97210 OR EMAIL TO [email protected]


It is the policy of Friendly House, Inc. to treat all people with dignity and respect.  The agency prohibits discrimination based upon race, sex, religion, creed, color, gender identity, age, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, citizenship status, military service, veteran status, housing status, familial status, source of income, political affiliation, union affiliation, physical disability, mental disability or other protected status in accordance with applicable law.  In addition, we shall not discriminate against minority-owned, women-owned or emerging small business.