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Sustainability Pub!

Richmond Neighborhood Association Sustainability Committee presents a screening & conversation about "The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil "

When: Tuesday, Oct. 20 @ 7:00PM Where: Flying Cat Coffee Company, 3041 SE Division

This upbeat 53 minute film chronicles the Cuban peoples' transition to a low-energy society through permaculture, organic farming and large-scale cooperation. Why’d we choose this film? We wanted to watch an energizing film about a community coming together to tackle a seemingly impossible problem and enriching their lives in the process! With all the doom and gloom about climate change and peak oil, we wanted to show that we have choices, that there is another way to live, and that we can live intentionally & responsibly in the world. The movie is fuel for our fire to talk about ways we can apply these concepts to our own lives and neighborhood and make our fair city shine!

The event is hosted by the Flying Cat Coffeehouse, which offers great ambiance, along with beer, wine, great coffee, tea, and tasty treats!

To learn more about the Richmond Neighborhood Association, visit our website: http://www.southeastuplift.org/neighborhood/richmond