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Medical Supplies need for Non-profit Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Oregon Outreach, Inc is a non-profit alternative high school program that is developing a Certified Nursing Assistant Program, available to students and members of the community.  We are in need of many supplies and this is a request for assistance.  Tax deductions are applicable.  The items needed are listed below.  We appreciate your support. 

Please contact Rebecca Black at 503-281-9597, or email her at [email protected] if you would like to donate any of these items.  Thank you.

  Adjustable Bed with Side Rails Alcohol/Antiseptic wipes Anti-embolism Elastic Stockings Bath Blanket Bed Pan Bedside Commode Beside Stand Call Bell (does not have to work) Catheter Clamp, Cap, Plug Dentures and Denture Container Digital Thermometer with Sheaths Disposable Briefs Disposable gloves Emery Boards Emesis Basin Foley Catheter Food Tray, Plate, Silverware Gait Belt/Transfer Belt Laundry Receptacle Linens including : Flat Sheets, Draw Sheets, Pillow cases, Pillows, Fitted Sheets, Incontinence Pads, Bed Spreads, towels, wash cloths, patient gowns, clothing protectors. Mannequin (Anatomically correct) Mechanical Lift Nail Clippers Orangewood sticks Oximeter Overbed Table Privacy Curtains Restraints (wrist) Safety Razors Scale Sphygmomanometer Teaching Stethoscope Tympanic Thermometer Urinary Bedside Drainage Bag Urinary Leg Bag Walker Wash Basins Wheelchair with Brakes and Footrests