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Teach Agriculture & Environment in Maasai Village, Tanzania

Have an interest in sustainable agricultural practices, environmental studies and making a difference in the world? Like to pass on your knowledge to others? Like to travel and experience new cultures?

The Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania (IEFT), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that collaborates with local communities to provide quality, affordable secondary education to under-served indigenous children in rural Tanzania, has an open position for a Volunteer Agriculture and Environment Teacher.

IEFT operates Orkeeswa Secondary School in the rural village of Lashaine in northern Tanzania. The school is located in a predominantly indigenous Maasai community and strives to preserve the cultural traditions and beliefs, while providing its students with affordable secondary education.

IEFT has an opportunity for an Agriculture & Environment teacher to volunteer at Orkeeswa Secondary School starting in January 2010. An Agriculture & Environment teacher must be able to teach Form I and Form II (high school freshman and sophomore levels) Agriculture and Environmental courses, manage small projects such as the school garden, and work with the local community to implement sound and sustainable agricultural practices. Preference will be given to candidates with knowledge and/or experience with horticulture, permaculture, and livestock management.

Volunteer Qualifications

*Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age to apply.

*A teaching degree and/or experience teaching in the classroom are highly preferred. IEFT is willing to negotiate the length of the volunteer term, however a 1-year commitment (coinciding with the school year) is highly preferred.

*Volunteers must have a strong command of the English Language, preferably native speakers.

*There is no program fee to volunteer with IEFT! However, volunteers are responsible for their travel and living expenses. Living expenses average $300 per month and include basic supplies, food and lodging at the IEFT staff house.

*The ability to live and work in a developing country, where patience, maturity and being able to endure many diverse and difficult situations, is a must. Tanzania is the fifth poorest country in the world and IEFT works in a remote rural area with no running water, unreliable electricity and a lack of Western amenities. Volunteers who apply must feel and show that they are able to live and work in such conditions.

What Volunteers can expect from IEFT:

* Housing and Living Arrangements IEFT provides suitable housing for volunteers at the IEFT staff house in the town of Monduli, just outside of the village. Our staff cook and housekeeper handles a portion of the household tasks and the volunteers share the rest. The staff house has access to electricity, an outhouse and no running water.

* Orientation Training IEFT will provide on-site training to familiarize you with school operations, teaching methods, school curriculum and local customs. Local language training can also be arranged and is highly encouraged.

* Travel Assistance & Arrangement IEFT staff can assist in making travel arrangements and taking trips during school breaks is encouraged, for those interested in seeing some of Tanzania's natural beauty, including a safari to Serengeti National Park, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or a trip to Zanzibar Island. IEFT has staff on hand to assist you in finding local, reputable tour operators.

Email resume/CV to [email protected] to apply.