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Volunteer Opportunities with MEJOR Communities in Portland

Founded on the idea that health creates opportunities, MEJOR Communities is a nonprofit organization that aims to create opportunities in rural areas of Peru through our health education programs and projects. We are currently seeking volunteers in the following fields:

Fundraising - planning & executing. This role can be either as a specific event leader (committee president), committee member, event hand, or overall fundraising coordinator.

Grant Research / Writing ā€“ Includes keeping up to date on current grant resources we have access to, as well as finding new sources of grant lists and funding opportunities

Network Research - finding and exploring affiliation and additional MEJOR Communitiesā€™ networks

Administrative Assistant - managing calendars, donor databases, financial databases, etc.

Website/Blog Manager - update online accounts, websites, blogs, online networks

Community Liaison ā€“ e-newsletters, donor relations, business relations, community promotions for MEJORC, advertising, community networking

Resources Researcher - research for general information on projects, administration, fundraising, nonprofit books, training manuals, etc.

These positions can be open-ended or as a block time period. More than one volunteer can fall under each position, as long as they stay in communication with one another and with the Directors of MEJOR Communities. Volunteers are expected to have the same level of professionalism and dependability as paid employees.

If interested, please contact: [email protected] and visit our website www.mejorc.org