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Healing From the Effects of Grief and Loss

An Experiential Training and Personal Growth Workshop

October 30-November 1, 2009

There is no doubt that loss is hard for anyone to deal with—whether the loss is of a loved person, a dear pet, a relationship exemplifying hopes and dream, a job, a home, physical capacity, innocence itself. In this workshop we will create the container for healing grief from any cause, allowing for attaching more completely and lovingly to self and others, and moving on with an intention of living life well.

Those who are dealing with the loss of a significant interactive other often say, “I should be over this by now!”, or “I'm afraid to cry, I'll never stop!” We offer this thought from a shamanistic perspective of the need for tears, and moving through mourning by allowing human emotions to surface.

If you are a therapist in any field, this workshop will provide tools for healing grief, drawn from our blended model of psychodrama and psychomotor therapy. We will demonstrate the creation of the sociometric community, the crucible where those who mourn can do so without fear of criticism, and with the support and care of the group

Dates: October 30-November 1, 2009. The workshop will begin at 5:00 PM on Friday, and end at 1 pm on Sunday. Location is Quest Center for Integrative Health, 2901 East Burnside, Portland

Register with Shad Alexander, (503) 238-5203 ext 114, [email protected] or in person Friday pre-Training.

Fees: The workshop fee is $250, and a deposit of $50 is requested to hold a place in the workshop.

About the facilitators: For more information, see our bios on our website, www.tlpi.us

Contacts: Georgia at (360) 299-8877, [email protected] and www.tlpi.us

Jack at (360) 441-0241, [email protected] and www.tlpi.us

CEU's: Participants will receive 20 hours toward psychodrama certification. CEU's are also available.