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Relationships Matter: Releasing the Real Wealth of Portland By Supporting Transitions from Prison to Community

A Journey of Re-entry, Relationship, and Stories: Make Re-entry a Reality

Date: November 14, 2009, Saturday

Location: Mallory Avenue Community Enrichment Center (MACE)

126 NE Alberta, Portland, OR 97211

Schedule: 1-2 pm Light Lunch

2-4 pm Program

4-5 pm Social Hour

Every week in Portland, hundreds of people begin their emotional and physical journey of re-entry: from prison back to community. The single most important aspect of a successful re-entry is healthy relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Join us to hear first-hand stories of former inmates, non-profits, business owners, local politicians, and clergy who have committed themselves to building up these relationships for the benefit of us all. This overview will cover the personal to the political - come prepared to learn, listen, share, and get connected. Make re-entry a reality!

Join us as we explore:

Existing programs and how we can work together with them to provide the web of support needed for successful transition.

Perspectives from representatives at the county, city and community levels that will address personal, family, educational and employment needs and challenges.

The importance of mentoring by community members through relationships that support a successful transition. Learn how you can volunteer with organizations serving individuals and families by serving as mentors for people desiring additional support.

Second chance: how business owners can support persons returning to the community while receiving the potential real wealth these employees can provide. Educating the community regarding those returning from prison: everyone is not violent, predatory, or a thief. Relationships are the key. A little support can go a long way.