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Build a Schoolhouse in Mali with the Dogon People

Workshop Highlights January 9th - 25th, 2010 Dogon Country, MaliWe will be surrounded by learning opportunities throughout our stay. The workshop will be a muti-lingual event with translation between French, English, and Dogon. Lectures and instruction will include:Dome construction Rubble trench foundations Earth Bag construction Cob construction Stone masonryDogon culture and societyDrylands permaculture Dogon graineries Dogon Adobe construction Sign-up today atwww.earthenhand.com

 Join us January 9th-25th for an unforgettable trip to Mali. This trip combines cultural experiences with learning about earthen building and appropriate technology. Create meaningful friendships with Dogon villagers while helping them complete a schoolhouse.  [A 20 ft. tall dome, completed in a workshop lead by Scott. Thailand, 2004] Please help us make this trip a success by spreading the word to others. I can forward along my printable flyer at your request. Please see details at: www.earthenhand.com.   Thank you,                         Scott Howard                        Earthen Hand Natural Building   +1 503.287.2442