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Ecolutions Happy Hour


Ecolutions Happy Hour Gathering November 9


Are you passionate about the environment and sustainability? Ecolutions meets at The Agency

to discuss pressing ecological challenges and forge creative solutions.

Carbon emissions is one of the most complex issues of our times. Sallie Schullinger-Krause

of the Oregon Environmental Council will discuss its environmental impacts and the ramifications

of  “cap and trade” and other mitigation options. Devon Carr is a contributor to the Prometheus

Institute, advocating for policy change through young generations of Americans. He will examine

the political and economic challenges surrounding carbon emission reduction strategies. Get in the

discussion! Ecolutions is free and open to all.  The program begins at 6PM at The Agency, located

adjacent to PGE Park at 1939 SW Morrison.


Karen Kinzey

Program Manager

Holy Names Heritage Center

[email protected]