Women's Workshop Facilitator

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organization:Body Republic
position summary:

Body Republic is a global organization whose mission is to provide a safe, diverse and non-judgmental venue for women to voice the experiences of their bodies. We embrace choice, diversity, respect for women’s experiences and mindfulness of the world around us. Body Republic is committed to providing women’s forums, workshops and publications toward facilitating connection, discussion, awareness raising and support as we examine our body experience and social/cultural expectations of our bodies. We seek to share, understand, grieve, celebrate and give voice to events that have left our bodies altered, explore struggles we live while attempting to maintain societal standards of beauty, and express violations of our bodies. We approach our work with enthusiasm and creativity while honoring the transformative value of women connecting with women. The Workshop Facilitator will guide women to give voice to their body through a variety of interactive activities and discussion in a workshop forum.

Salary / Pay Rate:This position is an independent contractor position and does not come with a benefits package. Payment is based upon group size and frequency with one workshop of 10 participants equaling payment in the amount of $250. Payment will be processed upon completion of the workshop & documentation of participants is submitted to the home office and/or assigned regional director.
Required Skills and Abilities:Facilitate four hour workshops twice monthly according to the guidelines in the Facilitator Handbook. Facilitate 10-week workshop sessions monthly according to the guidelines in the Facilitator Handbook. Promote & present the workshop information in your area. Arrange location for workshops. Participate in training sessions as required. Maintain regular communication with our home office and/or assigned regional coordinator. Participate in facilitator events as required. All facilitators will be asked to submit application materials for review. Potential candidates will be contacted to participate in training where they will gain information and knowledge of the Facilitator Handbook. Following training a facilitator will receive confirmation of their training and be ready to conduct workshops. To remain in active status, facilitators who have completed the training must use their training and conduct workshops in accordance with their contract.
Qualifications:Facilitators should have a combination of a Bachelor’s level education and work experience in social work, human services, education, sociology and/or women’s studies. Individuals having personal experience with and/or interested in working with women who have experienced eating disorders, breast cancer, developmental disabilities, domestic violence, rape, LGBT, women vets and/or gender/cultural/ethnic societal standards are highly encouraged to apply. In addition, to adequately perform the above responsibilities, facilitators should: Be objective and knowledgeable in your presentation of the materials. Represent Body Republic in a professional manner. Be motivated and able to dedicate the time to organize and conduct workshops in your areas. Have speaking and teaching skills adequate to conduct interactive, engaging workshops. Show enthusiasm in women’s body issues to inspire participants to share their experiences.
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
website link:www.bodyrepublic.org