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Health Reform Messaging Workshop on Saturday, Nov 7th, 9am-3pm

Workshop: Using Value-Laden Language to Communicate about Health Reform with Univ. of Washington professors David Domke & Crispin Thurlow.


On Saturday Nov. 7th join us for a 6-hour workshop to help advocates and activists craft purposeful, effective language. This workshop will help you communicate more effectively on the issues you care most about.

No matter what aspect of health reform you or your organization are working on - single payer? public option? inclusion of naturopaths and chiropractors? - the ability to frame your message and use language that connects is essential. In short, we're inviting people from all sides of the issue to attend. We hope you can take what you learn and go do what you do even BETTER.

About the day, Professor Domke says:

"For too long, health reform leaders have been bogged down in policy speak and have failed to craft a language that connects with everyday Americans. Instead, individuals look for ways to simplify their intake and evaluation of information.

Progressives must become effective — much more effective — in identifying and communicating their core values in ways that are moral and culturally resonant. To do this is hard work — far harder than one might suspect."

Sounds pretty smart doesn't it? Well it is - and it's useful stuff too! The workshop will include these elements:

- identifying central, over-arching principles that unite groups

- creating powerful, engaging language that link these principles with your messaging

- connecting these principles, language, and political messages into action plans

Complete Details: http://wecandobetter.org/workshop