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Fundraising Classes at PCC - Sign Up Today!

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PCC Institute of Fundraising and Grant Writing

in partnership with

Willamette Valley Development Officers

Build the skills to successfully write grants and raise funds for worthy projects and organizations. Courses are taught by professionals with real world experience, and will give you a comprehensive look at all aspects of the funding field. Geared for those working at nonprofits, those who aspire to do so, and volunteers who support nonprofits in raising support.

Completion awards will be given to participants who complete all five PCC courses and attend five Willamette Valley Development Officers (WVDO) free Third Thursday educational program events. Participants who are awarded a completion award will be recognized at a WVDO event and receive a complimentary year-long membership in the organization, a $75 value. E-mail [email protected] for details on WVDO’s Third Thursday schedule.

CEU 908W Fundraising Basics .80 Cr. How foundation and corporate relations, annual funds, volunteer management, event planning and grant writing come together. How to create a stable and sustainable nonprofit organization. Great for Board members, volunteers, people interested in changing professions or those working in the fundraising field to enhance their skills. 16987 Central CPWTC 304 6:30pm-8:30pm

Mon 1/11-2/8 Erekson Varga $89, $10 Fee

No class 1/18.

CEU 908V Grant Writing Introduction .80 Cr. Step by step plan to take you from concept, to research, tona viable letter of inquiry. Techniques for clear and concise writing, presentation and use of appropriate agency. Grant writing that is reality based, not mystic. First course in Grant Writing Series.

12758 Central CPWTC 301 6:30pm-8:30pm

Thurs 1/28-2/18 Horton $89, $10 Fee

CEU 9771 Volunteer Management .80 Cr. Learn the essential elements of Volunteer Management to create a program that works in nonprofit organizations of all types. Course will cover the application and placement process, management and retention, risk management, review, and recognition of volunteers. Includes opportunities to work in groups and develop a plan for the organization of your choice.

17024 Central CPWTC 304 6:30pm-8:30pm

Wed 2/17-3/10 Payne $89, $10 Fee

CEU 912K Successful Fundraising Events.40 Cr. What you need to know to create and hold a successful fundraising event. Dinners, galas, golf tournaments, auctions and more. How to develop a strategy, set timelines, realistic financial expectations, staffing, use of professionals and volunteers.

Central CPWTC 301 6:30pm-8:30pm

Mon 2/22-3/1 Petersen $69, $10 Fee