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Online from Portland State - Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Program

Two courses that lead to certification in volunteer administration are being offered online beginning January 4, 2010. The Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Program (VELP)’s first two courses, Volunteer Recruitment and Volunteer Training will be offered through an online program held in conjunction with Portland State University's Institute for Nonprofit Management.

The recruitment class tackles such issues as the rise of short term volunteering, the impact of age cohorts on volunteering patterns, creating a recruitment plan, utilizing market research for effect recruiting strategies, and engaging a volunteer recruitment team.

The training course takes the learner through the essential elements of designing consistent training programs for volunteers. Topics range from adult learning principles to content development to selecting the most effective teaching techniques. Assignments are interactive and designed to build skills directly applicable to a manager of volunteers program. Some assignments can be used immediately.

For more information on the program visit: http://distancedegree.pdx.edu//programs/v_engagement.php

Sharon Hasenjaeger Assistant Director Institute for Nonprofit Management Portland State University Tel: (503) 725-8221 Fax: (503) 725-8045 [email protected] www.inpm.pdx.edu for information on INPM’s nonprofit courses and events