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PDX Candlelight vigil for CLIMATE JUSTICE FOR THE EARTH--December 11 at 6pm on Hawthorne Bridge

Join us in a peaceful candlelight vigil on the Hawthorne Bridge from 6-7 PM on Friday, December 11th. Together we will express our concern of the threat of climate change. Bring candles, LED lights or flashlights, menorahs, lighters, or whatever you can find, to show your support. Better yet, bring one for yourself and one to share with someone else.

We will stand on as much of Hawthorne Bridge as we can (given that it is a drawbridge!), and, depending on the number of people attending, will drift down Naito Parkway along the Waterfront Park on the west side of the bridge, and down Hawthorne Blvd. on the east side. Please be courteous and stay on the sidewalks so that we do not block traffic. Also, let's set a good example and clean up any litter after the event.

These vigils are part of a weekend of climate action organized with 350.org and TckTckTck.org -- a time for people all over the world to gather at iconic locations in their communities, and light candles of hope to stand in solidarity with the citizens of the nations whose very survival is threatened by the climate crisis. Thousands of these actions are planned worldwide. We will support the call for commitments by the developed world to cut emissions enough to reduce the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases.

Please forward this to whomever you think may be interested in attending. Be sure to include this link: http://www.350.org/node/12970. You can also follow me on Twitter at PDXJanelle, where I will be posting updates as details unfold.