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Get those cops outta your head!

Get those cops outta your head!  Announcing Cop-in-the-Head WorkshopHave you ever been in a situation where you wanted to take action-- say something, do something-- but for some reason didn't do it? Maybe it was a coworker's racist or sexist joke you didn't interrupt, or a family member's comment you did not confront.  Or maybe there was something you knew in your gut needed to be done, but instead of doing it, you hesitated, letting the moment and the opportunity slip by. TheaterChange's January workshop will give you a chance to explore such moments of inaction and paralysis, and empower yourself again to take action.  Developed by Augusto Boal, Cop-in-the-Head is a process of interactive theater for examining internalized oppression.

Find ways to identify and de-activate your cops! Cop-in-the-Head & Rainbow of Desireexploring internalized oppressionJanuary 30-31, 2010For more information and registration:

http://www.teatrocambio.org/UpcomingEvents.htmlor call Tamara at 503-334-7491scholarships and work-trade available

Theater = Reflection + Action