Executive Director: Sandy River Basin Watershed Council

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organization:Sandy River Basin Watershed Council
position summary:

The Sandy River Basin Watershed Council is recruiting for an Executive Director. The successful candidate will be an energetic and entrepreneurial leader with proven management and fundraising skills, and a strong commitment to watershed protection and restoration.

The Sandy River Basin is located in northwest Oregon, east of the Portland metropolitan area. The river takes form on the slopes of Mt. Hood and flows through a 500 square mile watershed on its way to the Columbia River near Troutdale. The basin is home to important populations of native salmon and steelhead. More information about the Council is available on the web: www.sandyriver.org.

The Executive Director will carry out the mission and strategic direction of the Sandy River Basin Watershed Council under the direction of the Council Chair and will be responsible to the Council’s Board of Directors. The Executive Director will work in close collaboration with Council staff and with key partners to implement programs and raise necessary funding. The Executive Director will play a key leadership role in long-term stewardship of the Sandy River Basin (Oregon).

Submittals for the position should include both a cover letter and resume. Total of both should not exceed 5 pages. Only electronic submittals will be accepted. Submittals in .pdf format are preferred.

Due to holiday-related absences, no phone or email inquiries will be accepted. Please do not contact the Council’s office with questions about the recruitment. If [email protected] will not accept your submittal and bounces it back, please leave a message at [email protected] The Council will check this email box periodically and attempt to resolve the problem.

The Council reserves the option to cancel or extend the duration of the recruitment if a suitable candidate is not identified by the closing date.

Salary / Pay Rate:negotiable based on experience
Required Skills and Abilities:Responsibilities and Expectations Leadership and Strategic Direction  Build capacity of Council to plan, administer and implement larger-scale watershed projects as well as smaller projects Result: Council has the financial and organizational ability to implement projects with budgets ranging from less than $1,000 to more than $100,000.  Play a lead role in defining and seeking solutions to key issues in the basin Result: Council initiates and supports forums to engage stakeholders and promote viable solutions (e.g., improved floodplain mapping).  Actively participate in multi-party watershed restoration planning and implementation Result: Council is an active member of the Sandy River Basin Partners, and Council is in the lead for at least one joint partnership project per year. Fundraising  Develop an annual fundraising plan for the Council and actively pursue funding to support Council programs Result: Staff salaries are fully funded and program delivery capacity is expanding. Annual budget is increased to at least $250,000.  Establish and maintain relationships with key funders, including OWEB. Result: Prospects for future funding are more diversified and secure, and Council is viewed by funders as a valued partner.  Seek contract work with partner organizations Result: Executive Director is entrepreneurial in pursuing opportunities to provide service to partners when doing so will meet Council program and funding objectives. Annual budget includes at least one service contract. Community Relations  Build the capacity of the Watershed Council as a community leader. Build relationships with other influential leaders in the community. Result: Council and its staff are visible in the community and seen as an effective catalyst for watershed improvements. Community members and community resources are engaged in the work of the Council.  Keep community informed about Council’s work Result: Annual marketing plan is developed and implemented. Presentations are made to local groups and result in support for Council activities. Local media is informed about Council’s work and provides regular coverage. Website is updated regularly. Organization Building  Recruit, retain and develop Council members Result: Number of Council board members is increased and representation is more diverse. Council members are engaged in development and implementation of an annual work plan and periodic strategic plans. Council members are provided with frequent educational programs. Council subcommittees are established and supported, as needed.  Recruit volunteers and contributions Result: Volunteers provide pro bono services to complement the skills and work of paid staff. Local community groups and businesses provide goods, services and funding to support Council work. Administrative  Develop and manage annual budget. Complete required tax, corporate and grant reporting. Result: Tax statements are filed and bills are paid on time. Cash flow supports Council needs. Grant reporting obligations are met.  Assist the Board Chair with Board meeting management Result: Agendas, minutes for prior meeting, staff activity reports and financial status reports are distributed prior to each meeting. Meeting format encourages participation by Board members.  Supervise staff Result: Workplans are developed and objectives are achieved in a timely and effective manner.
Qualifications:Preferred Qualifications  Bachelors or Masters Degree in a natural resources related field  Familiarity with watershed council roles and functions in the state of Oregon  Existing professional relationships in the watershed protection and management field  Familiarity with the Sandy River Basin Minimum Qualifications  Non-profit management experience in watershed and natural resource conservation organizations  Track record of success in securing grants, individual contributions and donated services  Proven leadership skills and experience  An entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving and organizational development  Demonstrated ability to manage projects and programs  Demonstrated success in establishing and maintaining mutually-beneficial partnerships  Personal commitment to engaging the community in watershed stewardship  Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills  Excellent organizational skills  Ability to work independently  Experience developing and managing budgets  Experience in work planning and strategic planning  Experience supervising employees and volunteers  Computer literate  Personable, professional, self-motivated, collaborative and flexible
website link:www.sandyriver.org