Gatekeeper Trainer Volunteer

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organization:Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services
position summary:

Are you concerned about vulnerable seniors and adults with disabilities in your community? Do you work in a job where you have contact with the public (ie a bank, store clerk, call center) Do you have approximately 5-10 hours/month availalbe to volunteer in 2010? Do you enjoy doing community presentations and/or public speaking? If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions then you may be a great candidate to volunteer with the Gatekeeper program! As a volunteer you will receive: program information, confidentiality training, a training manual and presentation outline. You will then be going out to Portland businesses or to your place of work to train employees who have contact with the public about the Gatekeeper program and the importance of identifying their elderly/disabled customers who may be vulnerable and in need of help.

Salary / Pay Rate:volunteer
Required Skills and Abilities:Professional apprerance Public speaking/presentation skills Daytime, business hours
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