Pan-Refugee and Immigrant Social Movement-Building (PRISM) Project Manager

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organization:Center for Intercultural Organizing
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About the Center for Intercultural Organizing

The Center for Intercultural Organizing is a diverse, grassroots organization working to build a multi-racial, multicultural movement for immigrant and refugee rights.

About the Project

The Pan-Refugee and Immigrant Social Movement-Building (PRISM) Project is a large-scale cross-cultural community organizing endeavor aimed at impacting the social determinants of health in Beaverton and Washington County, Oregon. Through this work, CIO and its partner organizations are proactively addressing common issues, developing new immigrant and refugee leaders, and building the collective ability of newcomer communities to collaboratively effect policy change. Over a three year-period, the PRISM Project expected to reduce linguistic and cultural isolation, increase immigrant and refugee representation in local government decision-making, produce a greater number of visible multicultural spaces, and create a strongly-knit community with the common vision to sustain lasting change.

About the Position

The Pan-Refugee and Immigrant Social Movement-Building (PRISM) Project Manager is responsible for determining program goals to best meet the mission of the organization under the supervision of the Executive Director. The PRISM Project Manager will closely work with the Beaverton mayor’s office, other Beaverton city bureaus, immigrant and refugee community based organizations, and leaders as well as other CIO partners to develop strategic plan for the City of Beaverton’s immigrant and refugee population to better include these communities in public life and policy decisions. In addition, the PRISM Project Manager—with the support of CIO staff—will be responsible for recruiting and training newly emerging immigrant and refugee leaders, providing ongoing support and mentorship, and identifying municipal board and commission positions on which they can serve in the City of Beaverton. He/she will also work with the city and immigrant and refugee leaders to increase newcomers’ visibility. Other dues may be preformed as assigned.

Salary / Pay Rate:$34,000 - $38,000 plus medical and dental benefits
Required Skills and Abilities:Job Responsibilities Civic Participation and Political Power - Oversee the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for engaging and including immigrants and refugees in Beaverton’s civic life by working closely with the Beaverton mayor’s office, other city bureaus as well as immigrant and refugee community based organizations and leaders - Build the organized power necessary to advance proactive public policies that improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Beaverton - Foster unity and cross-cultural collaboration among various immigrant and refugee groups - Work with the city and community to establish visible multicultural community spaces where different groups can organize activities both within their cultural and language groups as well as between cultures - Coordinate technical assistance and program support with the immigrant and refugee community-based organizations, ally organizations, and other coalitions in Beaverton/Washington County - Advocate for the interests of the community-based immigrant and refugee led organizations and leaders in Beaverton with other partners - Support CIO’s other key program areas and participate in grant writing, and communication efforts as needed Leadership Development - Work in a team environment with other CIO staff to support the PILOT program including hiring additional trainers, selection of participants, curriculum selection, staff participation and documentation of the program - Train emerging immigrant and refugee leaders enrolled in the PILOT program in collaboration with other CIO staff and trainers Communications - Maintain appropriate communications about program activities with staff, board and external audiences (e.g., through CIO’s E-newsletter and web page articles) - Assure appropriate documentation from the field is filed or archived for future reference - Be available to represent CIO at appropriate conferences, events, and meetings that advance the organization’s profile and mission Fundraising & Development - Support proposal development with program narrative, work plans and budgets as requested Internal Organizational Support - Participate in staff meetings and support functions to maintain a productive work environment - Provide support for CIO’s annual program evaluation and revise activities periodically to best meet the program goals - Participate in quarterly Board of Directors meetings as appropriate - Work with the Executive Director, CIO staff and Board to develop long term goals and strategies - Other duties as assigned
Qualifications: - Must be familiar with immigrant and refugee communities and organizations in Beaverton/Washington County - Multi-lingual preferred (at least English and one other language required) - Experience in community organizing in a multi-ethnic context - Demonstrated ability to plan events, run meetings, manage volunteers, train and support leaders and mobilize constituents - Must have an understanding of public policy development - Commitment to social justice - Willing to work in a small, grassroots organization with a non-hierarchical environment
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
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