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Fun-A-Day Art Project Comes to Portland

January can be such a dead month. Well, not this year. Sharpen your crayons - dip your brush - focus your camera - cast-on your yarn - get your recyclables from SCRAP - Fun-A-Day is coming to Portland, the home of creative cutting edge art! What started as a month-long art collaboration among friends in Philly a few years ago will debut in Portland this year. The idea is simple and powerful. Anyone who is moved to create, is welcome to join, make art every day for the month of January, and then show off their project results at a fabulous community art bash. If you want to contribute to this explosion of community energy, all you have to do is sign up at www.artclash.com (go to the sign-up buttons at the bottom left-hand corner), and then plan to bring your creations to the community show in February at St. David of Wales Episcopal Church, 2800 SE Harrison, in Portland on February 13 from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. Pie, haiku, photos, painting, yarn dolls, silk flowers, hats, dance....the possibilities are endless....

Check out the Art Clash Press Page for a flavor of what's been done in the past at http://artclash.com/index.php?page=press