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Welcome 2010: Workshops for Transformation!

Dear TC friends and supporters,

Already, so quickly, 2009 is at a close.  This year has meant many changes for TheaterChange * TeatroCambio;  but of course, change is what we are all about!  In this case, change has meant two new babies!  TC facilitator Omar Vargas and his wife Rocio welcomed their baby Luis Emilio into the world on August 11th,  and TC assistant and star supporter Karla Halloran welcomed her daughter Elizabeth Xochitl into the world earlier in the summer!  Congratulations, and welcome to these two bright little beings!  May we together struggle to create a future for them that is brighter and more just than what we live in today, and may that struggle bring us also beauty and love in 2010 and onwards.

This coming year opens with two opportunities to explore theater as transformation:  a workshop on Playback Theater on January 9th, facilitated by Anya Hankin and Liselle Vetsch;  and a TheaterChange workshop called 'Cop-in-the-Head & Rainbow of Desire' exploring internalized oppression, to be held January 30-31.  Both are wonderful opportunities to explore the healing and transformative power of theater.  More information on the workshops is listed below, or go to our website www.teatrocambio.org.

Happy New  Year!

TamaraWhat's Your Story?: Introduction to Playback Theatre facilitated by Liselle Vetch and Anya Hankin.  What's Your Story? invites participants to learn and practice theater as a form of dialogue, empowerment, and action. This workshop will provide participants with tangible tools to enhance your work with groups and individuals; add dynamism to your trainings and facilitations; bring creativity into your classrooms; and innovatively explore personal issues and communication styles. No previous theatre experience necessary. Jan 9th, 2010  1-5pm  $75 (Sliding scale available upon request). Contact Anya Hankin for registration details: [email protected] 503.970.1627

Cop-in-the Head & Rainbow of Desire:  Exploring Internalized Oppression facilitated by Tamara Wallace.  Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to take action-- say something, do something-- but for some reason didn't do it? Maybe it was a coworker's racist or sexist joke you didn't interrupt, or a family member's comment you did not confront.  Or maybe there was something you knew in your gut needed to be done, but instead of doing it, you hesitated, letting the moment and the opportunity slip by. TheaterChange's January workshop will give you a chance to explore such moments of inaction and paralysis, and empower yourself again to take action.  Developed by Augusto Boal, Cop-in-the-Head is a process of interactive theater for examining internalized oppression, and to help you find ways to identify and de-activate your cops! January 30-31, 2010 1:00-5:00 $125  For more information and registration:

http://www.teatrocambio.org/UpcomingEvents.htmlor call Tamara at 503-334-7491Theater = Reflection + Action