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OMSI Data Squad Coordinator

POSITION SUMMARY: The Evaluation and Visitor Studies office is looking for a motivated individual to work as the Data Squad Coordinator. OMSI’s Evaluation and Visitor Studies team needs people to help ensure the quality of their data processing. The team collects visitor data related to OMSI programs and exhibits through a variety of methods, including surveys, interviews, and observations.

Data Squad volunteers consult on data handling procedures; check data entry and processing; proof tables, charts, and reports; provide feedback on interpretation of results; and if applicable, consult on advanced analytics.

The Data Squad Coordinator will work on Data Squad volunteer consultant recruitment, management, training, and other details that make the Data Squad run smoothly. The coordinator works closely with the Evaluation and Visitor Studies Manager, who gives excellent guidance and support, but the position requires self-motivation to be able to complete all required tasks. The position also requires attention to detail and concern for research quality. The schedule is flexible, however, a weekly time commitment is preferable.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Recruit, train, and schedule Data Squad volunteers. • Develop and update training materials for Data Squad volunteers and Evaluation and Visitor Studies staff.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: • Demonstrated experience with data processing and analysis. • Demonstrated experience with Excel, Word, and preferably SPSS. • Interest in research. • Strong interpersonal communication skills. • Experience working as a member of a team. • Self-motivation. • Attention to detail.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: • Experience with advanced analytics (statistics). • Bilingual (Spanish/English), with both written and oral skills.

VOLUNTEER BENEFITS: This position provides the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge about conducting research, volunteer management, reviewing literature, collecting and evaluating data, developing hypotheses for further studies, evaluation instrument development, report writing, presenting information and project organizing.

Opportunities for professional development include: • Developing program planning and volunteer coordination skills. • Maintaining data processing skills. • Continued engagement with data processing for resume. • The opportunity for an extended informational interview in a new research field.

Other benefits include: • Admission for the volunteer to the museum, OMNIMAX and Planetarium shows, and submarine tours. • An OMSI Family Membership upon completion of 50 hours of volunteer service. • Discounts in the Café and Science Store. • The opportunity to meet many new people and learn more about OMSI.

For more information, contact Volunteer Services at 503.797.4615 or [email protected]. Visit our website at www.omsi.edu/info/volunteer.