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Puerto Rico Earthbag Dome Intensive 4/10/10-4/20/10

Workshop Highlights

April 10th -20th, 2010

Patillas, Puerto Rico

We will be surrounded by learning opportunities throughout our stay. The workshop will be a muti-lingual event with translation between Spanish & English. Lectures and instruction will include: Dome construction, Rubble trench foundations, Earth Bag construction, Cob construction, Stone masonry

Sign-up today atwww.earthenhand.com

Hello,I am happy to announce Earthen Hand is offering anEarthbag Dome Intensive Workshop this coming April 10-20, 2010 in Patillas, Puerto Rico.Please help us make this trip a success by spreading the word to others. I can forward along my printable flyer at your request.

Please see details at: www.earthenhand.com.

Also, I am currently preparing for our workshop in Dogon Country, Mali that will start next month. We are building a schoolroom there.  A big thank you to everyone who helped maked this current project possible!  

Kind regards,  Scott Howard  Earthen Hand Natural Building [email protected]  

Puerto Rico Earthbag Dome Intensive in in cooperation with: Las Casas de la Selva www.eyeontherainforest.org,  April 10th-20th, 2010 Patillas, Puerto Rico.

Gain skills to create healthy, practical and sustainable structures! Learn about earthbag dome design and construction, earthen plasters, and methods of roofing using locally available plants.

Complete a 13 x 13 foot earthbag dome that will be a bedroom. While you are there, learn about the local rainforest ecology and demonstrations of sustainable agriculture and forestry. Gain the skills you need to build your own Earthbag dome: Dome design, Permaculture Design (as it applies to buildings), Earthbag and Gravel Foundations, Earthbag and Cob Wall systems, Passive Solar, Window placement, Earthen floors, Earthen plasters.

Preregistration is required. Taught in English and Spanish by the instructor.

Tuition = $1400 10% discount for bringing a friend!

Cost is $1800 for tuition, and about $2000 travel expenses, including airfare.

See details and sign up today at:  www.earthenhand.com

Scott Howard started Earthen Hand Natural Building in 2002, with the goal to build and promote artistic earthen architecture.  He offers workshops about earthen building techniques locally and abroad. Scott is also available for hire as a builder, designer, or consultant on alternative building projects.

See www.earthenhand.com for workshop details: Mali earth bag dome intensive 1/9/10-1/25/10; Puerto Rico earth bag dome intensive 4/10/10-4/20/10; Portland, OR, USA earth bag house building Spring/Summer 2010. 

Patricia Boyko has been working with Las Casas de la Selva since February of 2008. A traveler, chef, artisan, creator, and scientist, she currently researches vines and fungi at Las Casas. She also experiments with the potential use of secondary forest products. With passion for ecology and the land, she is working to develop and promote more sustainable building and development practices in Puerto Rico, as well as increase infrastructure at the project. She is our wonderful logistics coordinator for this event.

Puerto Rico residents contact: [email protected]

Participants will learn everything that they need to build structurally stable domes using little more than earth from the site. The design is a 13 foot catenary dome with two windows and a door. Dome building by hand is an ancient art that is still used today in many parts of the world.  It is one of the fastest and simplest ways to enclose a space, and is ideal for most environments. See the famous mosque at Djenne, the largest mud-brick building in the world.