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Hats & Scarves Knitting Circle


Hats & Scarves Knitting Circle: 2nd Tuesday of every Month  Living Earth’s Hats & Scarves Project (see hatsandscarves.org) generates wonderful home-crafted items for folks who need help staying warm in winter. Anyone can help, making items at home, on the bus, at a lecture, or wherever, and drop them at the Living Earth drop-sites (7 Corners New Seasons and all Albina Community Bank branches). Another option is to come to the Hats & Scarves Knitting Circle on Tuesday Jan. 11, 7-9 pm (see below). We’ll finish a few items for this season and keep meeting monthly through the year.  


2nd Tuesday Knitting Circle for Hats & Scarves

7-9 pm Jan. 11 and 2nd Tuesdays of the month

4213 NE 33rd Ave., Portland 5 Blocks north of Fremont, west side of street just past Wilshire Park; it's a blue house with stone porch and low fence.

Call Living Earth 503.771.1940 if you have questions.


So far, we’ve collected 250 new hand-knit or crocheted items for babies, kids, and adults this season. Our distribution partners include Emanuel Children’s Hospital, IRCO Africa House, Sisters of the Road, Blanchett House, and Virginia Garcia Medical Clinic. We hope to generate 250 more items to distribute by early February, so if you knit or crochet and want to help, please join in! And if you want to help but need yarn, or want to help in other ways, please contact Bill via the HatsandScarves.org website.


See www.hatsandscarves.org or www.livingearthgatherings.org for more information.



~ Betsy


Betsy Toll

Living Earth Gatherings

PO Box 86960, Portland, OR 97286

503-771-1940 ~ www.livingearthgatherings.org


Living Earth is a 501c3 social benefit organization offering community events, workshops, presentations, celebrations, and retreats. Our programs nourish awareness of deep interdependence and empower an open-hearted, contemplative approach to social action. Our intention is to support movement toward a vibrant, sustainable, and peaceful culture that works for all.. For more information or to become a member, visit www.livingearthgatherings.org