Fisheries & Wildlife Technicians

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organization:Portland Water Bureau
position summary:

The Portland Water Bureau is seeking 3 fisheries technicians and 1 wildlife technician to assist in the collection of field data in 2010. The work will start in March and continue through June for the fisheries technicians. One fisheries technician will be retained until November to assist with a variety of field efforts including stream surveys, adult fish counts, and scat sampling. The wildlife technician will work from March through May, but there is the potential for the work to go longer. The technicians will work 35-40 hours per week (8-10 hours per day). Some fisheries work will be on Saturdays and Sundays. The fisheries technicians will report to work at the Bureau’s Sandy River Station, which is at the confluence of the Bull Run and Sandy rivers, and then drive in a Bureau vehicle to the work sites. The fisheries work will focus on monitoring juvenile salmonid smolt traps with other duties assigned as time allows. The wildlife technician will report to work at the Water Bureau’s office in downtown Portland or at Sandy River Station. Their work will focus on wildlife scat sampling and surveys, and there may be other duties assigned. For those tasks, the wildlife technician will work 1-5 days per week, depending on scheduling. All technicians will work under the direction of a Water Bureau fish biologist but at times will do field work on their own. The technicians may be cross trained to perform other biological duties as assigned by the Water Bureau.

This recruitment is for seasonal employees. Seasonal employees are limited to 1,200 hours per year, they do not accrue vacation or sick leave, and they are not eligible for retirement or health benefits. Part time season employees are not eligible for holiday pay and the technicians may be required to work on holidays. Fisheries applicants should describe their abilities and training relative to skills 1-5, and 7. Wildlife applicants should describe their abilities relative to skills 4-7. Each applicant should indicate in the first paragraph of their cover letter if they are applying for the fisheries or wildlife technician positions. Applicants should mail or email a brief (1 page) cover letter and resume (no more than 2 pages) that is structured to the skills listed above to Steve Kucas, Portland Water Bureau, 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97204 by 5:00 pm, January 15, 2010. Inquiries: Steve Kucas, 503.823.6976, [email protected]

Salary / Pay Rate:The anticipated pay rate for the successful applicants is based on the years of school completed, post
Required Skills and Abilities:The Bureau prefers that the applicants are able and willing to perform: 1. identification of juvenile and adult salmonids 2. field work surveying habitat in streams 3. snorkeling and occasional electrofishing 4. data recording and record keeping 5. assistance with analysis and report writing 6. collection of scat samples 7. assistance with invasive plant removals All applicants should also have a valid Oregon driver’s license and successful applicants will be asked to provide a copy of their driver’s record from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles.
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer