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Hiring an Art Director @ Bitch Media (publishers of Bitch Magazine)


Job Title: Art Director 

Location: Portland, OR 

Job Purpose:  The Art Director is responsible for creating and maintaining a cohesive look and feel for the Bitch Media brand, which includes the magazine Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, as well as a growing series of multimedia projects and programs. The ideal candidate is an innovative designer with an interest in pop culture and the desire to work with a nonprofit multimedia organization that values good design and a sense of wit. The Art Director reports to Bitch Media’s Executive Director. 

Job Responsibilities: 

• Design and lay out each issue of Bitch magazine and guide it through the prepress process.  • Design and lay out all development materials (fundraising appeals, event posters, annual reports, interoffice forms, etc.).  • Collaborate closely with editorial/creative director in the development of art concepts for each issue of the magazine.  • Acquire all art for magazine from freelance illustrators and photographers, and work with photographers on creating and executing magazine covers.  • Design all advertising and sponsorship materials.  • Design all graphics for merchandise.  • Oversee the overall look and feel of the Bitch media website.  • Archive of all digital graphic files.  • Oversee design interns and volunteers.  • Attend weekly staff meeting (Tuesdays) and content meeting (Wednesdays). 

Minimum Qualifications:  The Art Director should have at least a BA in graphic design or similar (art, architecture, etc.), or the equivalent experience. Candidates will also have excellent verbal communication and collaboration skills, and a strong eye for/attention to detail. Experience with multiple-page document design, prepress, and 2- and ¬4-color printing is critical. 

Design Skills:  Candidates for the position will have demonstrated skill in typography, magazine layout, 2-color design, illustration and cover concepting, basic photography, and understanding of editorial/design relationship. 

Software:  Candidates should be fluent in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop (Mac platform). Bonus points for being skilled in (or at least on familiar terms with) HTML, CSS, and Drupal. 

General Skills:  We’re looking for someone who’s very organized, highly motivated, able to see the big picture of a unified graphic identity, good at managing others, and able to work and communicate well with editors as well as other employees who will be ‘commissioning’ design work for the organization. 

Preferred, but not required:  A connection to feminism and a love of pop culture help immensely. (These are obviously broad concepts and can mean different things to different people, but a general interest in and concern about women in pop culture and society in general makes for a person who will care about the magazine and its content all the more.) A sense of humor and good writing skills are both highly prized. 

Schedule:  Part-time. 20-30 hours/week, plus quarterly full-time production hours (right before release of issue to the printer). 

To Apply:  Please submit a cover letter, resume and at least 5 samples of work to: 

Bitch Media  Attn: Executive Director  4930 NE 29th Avenue  Portland OR 97211 

Application packets must be postmarked February 1, 2010. **Electronically submitted applications will not be reviewed.** 

**NO EMAILS OR PHONE CALL INQUIRIES AT ALL!!**  (we mean it!)  -- Brian Frank, Operations Director

Bitch Media 4930 NE 29th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211 503.282.5699

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