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Stages of Change as a Journey Through Change: How the Hero's Journey and Best Practices Interface in Addiction

Fri and Sa Jan 22, 23 8:30-4 pm with Greg Crosby, MA

This integrative workshop examines Joseph Campbell's writings on the mythic journey of the hero and Norcross, DiClemente, and Prochaska's stages of change model. The client's therapeutic process is a mythic and challenging journey, struggling with barriers internal and external on how to recognize, prepare, respond to triggers with constructive action and then returning home to maintain the gains. Explore the stages of change, transition theory of William Bridges, common archetypes in the addiction journey and Motivational Interviewing. Special focus is on integrating Dr. Philip Flores’ concept that addiction can be viewed as an attachment disorder with Joseph Campbell’s concept of sacrifice and bliss and hero’s journey.

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