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Madison SUN Needs Math Tutors on Mon/Wed!

Title of Volunteer Position: TUTOR Contact: [email protected] (503) 916-5338

Staff Supervisor: Lua Masumi, SUN Site Manager

Background: Students come to the SUN Room and Sun classes to learn, have fun and grow. Unfortunately, many students struggle with barriers to academic success and need some extra help in their classes. We are especially in need of math tutors on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15-5pm starting Jan 11th and can also use tutors in other subjects M-Th. Timeframe: The Sun Program Offers three, eightweek program periods. Winter term begins Jan 11. The tutoring schedule is mon-thurs 3:15-5pm. Tutors should be able to attend at least one day a week.

Additional one-time only volunteer opportunities may be available for school wide events, fairs or parties and may occur outside the regular sun programming hours or on weekends.

Tasks: To assist madison students with school work—general concepts, problem solving -skills, and making up missing assignments. Make regular notes about student’s progress in tutoring. Communicate with teacher and Sun Staff about students’ progress.

Volunteer Profile: REQUIRED SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, AND CHARACTERISTICS: • Ability and desire to work with Students from a wide variety of backgrounds. • Ability to tutor high school level math (One or more of the following : Algebra 1&11, Statistics, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Geometry), english, or writing. • An Ability to use goods judgement when working with youth in a school setting. • An Ability to use goods judgement when working people from diverse backgrounds-considering cultural, religious and ethnic standards. • Must be a high school graduate. • Must be committed to the SUN Model- Schools uniting Communities- and to the students. PREFERRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: • Experience working with high-school age students (14-18) • Interested in continued commitment and involvement to/with SUN- planning and implementing classes, etc… in the future. • Language Skills in a foregn Language preferably Spanish, Somali or Vietnamese.

Additional Information: Volunteers will need to have a background check completed through Portland Public Schools District Offices or through the Portland Police Bureau if working with students. Reports Directly to SUN Site Manager.

This could potentially become a paid position in the future.