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Habitat ReStore Manager

Position: ReStore Manager

Portland Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Portland Oregon

The Portland ReStore is one of two stores operated collaboratively by the Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) affiliates of the Portland/Vancouver metro areas. These stores are part of a fast growing nationwide collective of Habitat ReStores. ReStores raise funds for Habitat for Humanity by collecting donated building materials, appliances, furniture and other home improvement products and selling these items to the public at prices well below retail.

The Portland ReStore is seeking a highly organized and motivated ReStore Manager to run the day-to-day operations. The Portland store is a 30,000 square foot retail warehouse run by a small staff and dozens of dedicated volunteers. It has operated for over 8 years and is currently in a phase of tremendous growth.

Job Description • This is a full-time salaried position reporting directly to the ReStore Director. The ReStore Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the ReStore and assists the Director in planning and budgeting for the store.

Operational Responsibilities: • Oversee day-to-day operations of the ReStore. Includes supervising staff and volunteers, and delegating tasks to maintain an efficient and profitable work environment. • Work on the sales floor directing staff and volunteers in receiving, pricing, and selling donated materials. This will at times include lifting, forklift operation, truck driving, and leading projects within the store. • Interact with customers on a daily basis to stay aware of sales trends, recognize regular customers and problem solve any situations that may require managerial input. • Identify the ReStore's goals, needs, and priorities and effectively communicate them to the staff and to the ReStore Director. • Work with the Director to create and sustain a long term committed staff for the ReStore. • Ensure that the ReStore is a safe place to work for both volunteers and staff. This includes the regular maintenance of vehicles and equipment as well as facility, materials and storage safety. • Oversee the pricing system and structure, making certain that materials are priced appropriately and that waste is reduced as much as possible. • Schedule staff and oversee the scheduling of volunteers to ensure that the store is properly staffed during hours of operation. Report to the Director on staff issues and concerns, hold staff meetings as necessary, provide support to staff and give feedback about their job performance.

Financial Accountability: • Accurately track and report financial information to the ReStore Director. • Ensure that cash-outs happen at least daily and that any irregularities are explained. • Work with the Director to analyze store sales and profitability. • Work with the Director in the creation of the annual budget. • Work within the budget’s expenses and make every attempt to meet sales projections. Strive for the guidelines set out in the budget regarding percentages of gross sales spent on payroll and overhead, and ultimately help ensure a high percentage of net profit returned to Habitat.

Oversight and supervision: • Oversee the work of the Donations Coordinator and work with the coordinator to continually analyze the needs of the store as related to donations and pickups. • Oversee the work of the Volunteer Coordinator and work together to ensure that the store has an increasing number of volunteers and that volunteers are organized and used effectively. This would include working with the Director on the development of systems and policies to guide the volunteer program efficiently and effectively. • Oversee the work of the Warehouse Assistant(s) in the day-to-day operations of the store.

Expectations: • Be courteous and professional in all interactions. • Communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds. • Learn about Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore, and be able to communicate its mission and purpose to volunteers and customers. • Be dedicated to working in and promoting a team environment. • Be willing to work within the guidelines of Habitat for Humanity. • Lead in maintaining an atmosphere within the Restore that encourages and fosters an open sharing of ideas, concerns, and hopes.

Required Skills and Experience • A minimum of 3 years retail management or high-level assistant management. • Habitat and/or ReStore experience a plus. • Familiarity with construction materials and material handling. • Familiarity with, and a passion for, re-use, recycling and waste prevention/reduction. • Experience organizing, inspiring, and leading others. • A demonstrated ability to lead others with clarity, authority and kindness. • Outstanding customer service attitude, and the ability to communicate with customers, volunteers and staff with courtesy, clarity and compassion at all times. • The ability to work as part of a team, both as a leader and as a team player. • Highly organized, systematic and able to make order and neatness of the store a high priority.

Competitive salary and benefits; based on experience.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Joe Connell at [email protected] by Jan 27th.

Cover letter should include your understanding of Habitat’s mission and how the ReStore supports that mission, as well as how your skills and experience would benefit our program.