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Holistic Health Brown Bag Seminars

Holistic Health in Practice: Body Symptoms, Fulfillment, and Creativity with Katje Wagner, MS A 3-part brown bag series dedicated to holistic health: an everyday way of being as we encounter the real challenges in our lives and the possibilities they contain. 

Messages in the Body Thursday, Jan 14, 12-1:30pm - The body is a powerful source of information and guidance. We typically identify with certain parts of ourselves and marginalize others, although all parts exist and live on through our body symptoms. By believing in the value of these symptoms and the information they contain, we have the potential to get in touch with more of who we are.

Fulfilling Life Paths Thursday, Jan 28, 12-1:30pm - Living a fulfilling life is an ongoing journey of getting to know ourselves, involving exploration of meaning in a deeply personal way. What we find can reorganize our lives; bring a deep sense of peace, purpose,and vitality; and is central to our overall sense of health.

Bringing Creativity to Life Thursday, Feb 11, 12-1:30pm - Creativity invites us to give expression to our inner experience. Yet we often need permission and support to access our own creativity, because it can challenge our sense of identity and possibility. Together we explore the bedrock of creativity, its manifold expressions, how to wrangle with the unexpected, the body as resource and benefactor, and implications for health.

Click on http://www.ceed.pdx.edu/menthealth/and  then on "current courses" for more information, including registration instructions.

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