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Portland Plan Workshop for Transition PDX! - Wednesday - 7pm - St. Francis

When:  Wednesday, January 13, 2010 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm


 The Portland Plan will be our City’s strategic plan for the next 25 years, ensuring that Portland is a thriving and sustainable city and our people are prosperous, healthy and educated.

The last time Portland created a plan like this was in 1980. Our recycling rate was in the single digits. Back then there was no such thing as Google let alone cell phones and the Internet. In fact, huge parts of Portland, including Cully and most of East Portland, weren’t even within the city limits.

Now we’re at the next big fork in the road. It’s time for us to chart the course for our future and take a new approach to city planning—one that focuses not just on transit and infrastructure but health, education and equity. Come join the conversation... because more voices means better choices.

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