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Portland Nonprofit Seeking Board of Directors Members

Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors of a Portland nonprofit, please check out the following posting: 

Position: Member, Board of Directors

Organization: The Great Green March, Portland, Oregon

Closes: We are reviewing applications on an ongoing basis.  

The Great Green March is looking for experienced professionals within the sustainability, nonprofit, and business fields to help steer our organization as a member of our Board of Directors.  

The ideal candidate possesses one or more of the following: 1. A C.P.A. or other financial experience; 2. Substantial philanthropic, governmental, or community ties; 3. A background in successful fundraising; 4. Two or more years in a sustainability-related field or other green industry; 5. A background in entertainment or media (preferably at an upper, decision-making level) or well-developed contacts in such industries; 6. Five or more years working as an attorney, preferably with extensive nonprofit experience; and/or 7. Significant experience managing volunteers or running a volunteer-driven organization.  

Here’s a bit of background on The Great Green March: The Great Green March is a nonprofit with the mission of creating a cultural paradigm shift in how we value our resources as a nation. Our objective is to bring 600 people together to walk, cycle, and drive alternative-fuel vehicles across the country for 365 days from Portland, Oregon to Washington, D.C. These individuals will form a “Green City” that moves 15-20 miles each day, stopping at cities, towns, and villages along the way to highlight the good that is being done sustainability-wise and to bring together members of government, business, and local communities to work on the areas with a lot of room for improvement.

Green City will emulate an actual city, complete with its own mayor and city council, a k-12 school, a post office, outreach programs, educational resources, entertainment, summer camps, a Cineplex, and a marketplace.

Our goal is to reach 100 million people globally and to create measurable change. We will be addressing the following topics: climate change, peak oil, green economics, sustainable resource management, social welfare, green technology, and integrated design.

For more information on our organization, click on the following link: http://www.greatgreenmarch.com.

We encourage interested and qualified applicants to send a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to [email protected]