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Friends of the Columbia Gorge 2010 Spring Hikes

More Gorge blooms, less Gorge fumes

Carpool to the trails with Friends of the Columbia Gorge for eco-friendly guided hikes, rides and other events this spring

Contact:      Renee Tkach, Outdoor Programs Coordinator     (503) 241-3762, Ext. 103 or (503) 680-3119

Kevin Gorman, Executive Director (503) 241-3762, Ext. 104 or (503) 756-0823

The Friends of the Columbia Gorge Spring Hiking Program kicks off in March, with carpools from Portland to dozens of hikes throughout the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. "Our hikes educate the public on the unique and fragile beauty of the Gorge," notes Executive Director Kevin Gorman. "By encouraging carpooling, we can enjoy these amazing landscapes while protecting the Gorge."

A March 13th hike to the Lyle Cherry Orchard is the first of 59 Friends-led hikes, walks and bike rides that showcase the Gorge's spring beauty. Wildflower hikes begin the Eastern Gorge and move west in subsequent weeks, following the blooms of the region's 800 species of wildflowers.

Other hikes include those focusing on the geology created by the Ice Age Floods, birding trips to Washington's Pierce and Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuges, and stewardship events on recently purchased properties of Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust. Many outings are led by experts in the fields of botany, animal wildlife, geology and Gorge history.

New outings this year include: o    A hike to Wauna Point with John Harrison, author of A Woman Alone, the story of Mona Bell, Sam Hill and their mansion on Bonneville Rock;   o    A hike back into history with Scott Cook, author of Curious Gorge, to Bridal Veil and seldom seen Coopey Falls.

o    A bike ride and geology tour through the Mosier Twin Tunnel trail with Mark Buser of the Ice Age Institute.

Most events are free and open to the public. Hikers can register online at www.gorgefriends.org/hikes/currentschedule. There are also 20 "member only" hikes that require participants to be current members of Friends of the Columbia Gorge. Basic membership is $35 annually and people are welcomed to join when signing up for a hike, either online at or by calling the Friends of the Gorge office at  503/241-3762, ext.103.

Carpools to Friends of the Gorge hikes typically depart from the Gateway Park and Ride in Northeast Portland.

Friends of the Gorge has been leading public hikes for more than two decades. The organization was founded nearly 30 years ago and works to vigorously protect the scenic, natural, cultural and recreational resources within the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. It is supported by more than 5,000 members in Oregon and Washington.


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