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Collaborative for International Children's Art and Non-profits

Cultural Arts education program for Portland school children

Nonprofit Type: Arts & Culture

Region(s) Covered: Portland

Contact Information

website link:cican-pdx.org
address:5908 S.W. 53rd Avenue
Portland, OR  97221
principal contact:Lisa Whitridge
email:[email protected]
contact note:9A.M.- 5P.M.


C I CAN promotes cultural awareness among local school, encouraging curiosity, tolerance and global acuity through cultural arts. C I CAN also provides the opportunity for self-expression through art to under-served children in the international community.


C I CAN connects the world's children through art and culture


C I CAN provides a multi-sensory cultural experience to Portland school children grades K-6. C I CAN uses art, stories, games and cultural artifacts to bring to life various cultures from around the world. C I CAN initiates its cultural exploration, sending art supplies to under-served children in a particular region of the world. Some of this art is brought back and shared with the local community.