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A Day of Empowerment, Solutions & Support for People with Acute or Chronic Illness or Disability and their Friends & Family

When individuals, families, and friends are faced with either acute or chronic illness or disabilities (their own or that of someone close to them) it is important to know what resources are available and how to connect with them. Whether it’s a need for a few hours of quiet time away from caretaking, a wheelchair for a visiting family member, a spiritual support group, or simply figuring out how to focus your internal resources and move forward – there are so many things that can make the journey less painful and facilitate your healing.

It is our hope that “A Day of Empowerment” will connect men and women who share a common life experience — acute or chronic illness or disability — and their families, and provide them with solutions, support and the opportunity to experience something positive and inspiring at a time when they may be feeling most isolated. And, that it will also showcase all the resources our community has to offer those facing these challenges.

Day, Time, Location “A Day of Empowerment” will take place on Sunday May 16, 2010 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Venue Pearl, which is located at 323 NW 13th Avenue, Portland and has tables, chairs and space to accommodate 400-500.

There will be no charge to attend. However we will be asking people to pre-register (if possible) in order to get approximate counts for the breakout session presenters.

Event Activities We plan to have some small-to-medium-sized interactive breakout sessions, some large-group presentations, and to provide ample space for community members/non-profit organizations to have exhibitor tables. This will allow them to display information and answer questions about resources they can provide, like support for caregivers, meditation, spiritual & emotional support groups, stress management, journaling, music for healing, respite care, volunteer support, and healing circles.

We would like to have some tables for businesses and professional organizations that also offer “solutions and support” to those facing the challenge of serious illness. These might include: home care, counseling services, physical therapy and fitness, home modification services, transportation, long-term financial planning, immediate financial management, long term care—to name a few possibilities. We are committed to making these tables affordable even for “for-profit” individuals and business.

Exhibitor tables are free (no charge) for non-profits. For businesses, professionals and for-profit organizations, the suggested donation for an exhibitor table is only $50-100.

To reserve a table, complete the event sign-up form and include payment (if applicable)

We also hope to offer presentations on topics like: • Finding calm in meditation, yoga, or music • Food for healing: cooking healthy meals • Dealing with the loss of a loved one—grieving the loss and beginning to heal • Using art (or journaling) as part of your recovery • Self Care for Caregivers—how to make sure you’re taken care of too • End of Life financial planning • How to talk to your family & friends about your needs

If you have workshop topics that would be suitable for this audience, please suggest them by completing the event sign-up form and sending it to JFCS , 1130 SW Morrison, Suite 316, Portland, OR 97205, attn: Chana Andler

Sponsorships Nonprofit event sponsorships are free (no charge). For-profit co-sponsorships start as low as $100 (see sign-up form). Event sponsors will be listed in event promotion materials and on the JFCS website. If you are a socially-conscious individual, organization or business, this is a great way to align yourself with an important community program. To learn more, please email JFCS Marketing Director Chana Andler at [email protected]

Please Help Get the Word Out Please share this information with any other individuals or organizations you think would be interested in participating in “A Day of Empowerment.” Let’s make sure we use this event as a way to showcase all the services, solutions and support our community has to offer!

Please also encourage people to attend. Not only those currently facing serious illness and the friends and family members who are caring for them, but also those who would simply like to know more about what is out there resource-wise. The truth is none of us know when illness will come into our lives and how it will impact us. Whether it is to gather information for themselves, their parents, or their children, it is always better to know what resources are available before you need them.

For more information Susan Goldstein, JFCS Community Liaison Committee Facilitator, at [email protected] or 503/880-1473 Chana Andler, Director of JFCS Marketing & Development, at [email protected] or 503-226-7079 x116.